Busy Building Content

Sorry I havent made a post in awhile, I have been very busy with this site building content that I will upload onto the site within a month or so. One of the main purposes of this site is to show unique and effective flies to both the fly angler and the fly tier. Over the years, I have created … Read More

Winter Tying Blues………

I don’t know if many people feel the way I do at this time of year. I start to dislike fly fishing even if we have warm days like we have had the last few weeks. The water is much colder and when you do hook a fish they hardly fight so essentially a 22 inch brown can feel like … Read More

Back For Real !!!

I want to apologize for not  blogging for quite some time as things happen in life as I went through a messy divorce, started a new career, and this website was corrupted with malware etc. I am now in a better position to make contributions and I plan to make interesting post on what my website is about: flies and … Read More

Worms on the brain

It is early-December and I am starting to tie flies for both my commercial clients and for the big fly fishing show here in Calgary. I have written a lot for Fly Fusion magazine about how my Acetate Anchor Worm is the key to my nymphing system as it gets both flies right on the bottom where the trout are. … Read More

March is here!

I am so excited because March is here and this is the time that I think of fly fishing again and those huge honking Brown Trout that I catch on the Bow River south of the city. Fishing is extremely simple, I nymph with only 5 or 6 flies: The Evil Weevil (of course!), Red Devil, BWO Killer, Acetate Worm, … Read More

Learn your Entomology

While attending and presenting at the fly fishing show in Calgary I met alot of people who were selling all sorts of stuff from fly rods to fly tying materials and trips to all over the planet. Most of the booths and events had alot of interesting products or lessons, however one of the most overlooked topics at the show … Read More

The Greatest Nymph Combo you will ever fish !!

This was the second year that I had the opportunity to have my own table at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition here in Calgary. I had a number of people who purchased my combo box of Evil Weevils and Acetone Anchor Worms at the previous show and confirmed that these two flies fished together is indeed the best nymphing … Read More

Ending the new year with my favorite fly

I thought that I would share a little about my all time favorite fly- The Evil Weevil. I want everyone to try and tie it in 2012 as it is one of the most effective and most versatile nymph patterns you can fish. I have caught nice trout in big rivers such as the Bow River (around Calgary), smaller creeks … Read More

Blue Berry Bug Pattern

Blue Berry Bug   Originator: Jeremy Davies Hook: Standard dry fly hook sz 8-14 Thread: Black Uni-Thread 8/0 Body: Dark blue foam wrapped Shellback: Medium blue foam Wing: Medium blue foam Indicator: Orange yarn Legs: Black rubber legs

Pale Morning Dun Fly

Pale Morning Dun Pale Morning Dun FlyI have found that parachute patterns work very well in slow or moderate currents. They effectively imitate the adult and emerging stages of the mayfly family. The extra wide gap on the scud hook will result in less lost fish. Hook: Diiachi 1130, sizes 12-18 Thread: Uni-Thread Tan or olive 8/0 Body: Antron dubbing-yellow/olive … Read More