The Greatest Nymph Combo you will ever fish !!

This was the second year that I had the opportunity to have my own table at the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition here in Calgary. I had a number of people who purchased my combo box of Evil Weevils and Acetone Anchor Worms at the previous show and confirmed that these two flies fished together is indeed the best nymphing set up they have ever fished. This past show I sold over three times as many combo packs because I also included smaller worms and other weevils such as the Black Widow and the Ice Weevil.
The secret of this amazing combo is the weight of the worm and the versatility of the nymph. The Acetone Anchor Worm is the heaviest worm pattern you will ever fish as the entire hook shank is coated with lead (anywhere between .015 and .030 diameter). Do not worry about being poisoned by the lead as there is a red acetate coating covering the lead. The worm acts as an anchor and allows the Evil Weevil to get near the bottom. This worm is about 50% heavier than your standard wire worm and many times heavier than a chenille or larva lace worm. The beauty of it is you do not have to fish with “clunky” split shot. Here are the materials to tie this combo:

Evil Weevil
Hook: Diiachi 1150/1120 or other scud hook, sizes 8-20
Thread: Olive Uni-thread 8/0
Head: Gold or copper bead
Body: Light peacock Arizona Dubbing
Thorax : Natural peacock- Arizona Dubbing
Tail: Female ringneck pheasant fibers (6-15 fibers, depending on size)
Legs: Brown goose biots
Rib: Gold or copper wire
Shellback: Uni-Mylar pearl or Prismatic Pliable Sheet (Hareline) #10

Acetate Anchor Worm
Hook: Mustad 37160 sizes 4-12 or Stimulator hook
Thread: Red Uni-Thread 8/0
Body: lead wrapped with Red Actate floss
Dip: Acetone

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