Ending the new year with my favorite fly

I thought that I would share a little about my all time favorite fly- The Evil Weevil. I want everyone to try and tie it in 2012 as it is one of the most effective and most versatile nymph patterns you can fish. I have caught nice trout in big rivers such as the Bow River (around Calgary), smaller creeks … Read More

Pale Morning Dun Fly

Pale Morning Dun Pale Morning Dun FlyI have found that parachute patterns work very well in slow or moderate currents. They effectively imitate the adult and emerging stages of the mayfly family. The extra wide gap on the scud hook will result in less lost fish. Hook: Diiachi 1130, sizes 12-18 Thread: Uni-Thread Tan or olive 8/0 Body: Antron dubbing-yellow/olive … Read More