Busy Building Content

Sorry I havent made a post in awhile, I have been very busy with this site building content that I will upload onto the site within a month or so. One of the main purposes of this site is to show unique and effective flies to both the fly angler and the fly tier. Over the years, I have created … Read More

Winter Tying Blues………

I don’t know if many people feel the way I do at this time of year. I start to dislike fly fishing even if we have warm days like we have had the last few weeks. The water is much colder and when you do hook a fish they hardly fight so essentially a 22 inch brown can feel like … Read More

Back For Real !!!

I want to apologize for not  blogging for quite some time as things happen in life as I went through a messy divorce, started a new career, and this website was corrupted with malware etc. I am now in a better position to make contributions and I plan to make interesting post on what my website is about: flies and … Read More