Winter Tying Blues………

I don’t know if many people feel the way I do at this time of year. I start to dislike fly fishing even if we have warm days like we have had the last few weeks. The water is much colder and when you do hook a fish they hardly fight so essentially a 22 inch brown can feel like a 4 pound log or tree branch.  I miss the great dry fly action that I had this past summer on the Crowsnest, Elk, St. Mary’s, Oldman, and occasionally the Bow River. I now have entirely focused on tying flies commercially to enhance the experience of the many anglers I tie for. This is my 20th Season as a commercial fly tier and it has become very routine to me. It is also a time to relax and reflect on a great year on the water. This is also the time that I create new patterns and contemplate ideas for new fly tying articles. Every night after dinner I spend three or four hours at my vice almost with barely knowing what I am doing as I am watching TV and after I finished , I look down in shock as I have tied 8 or 10 dozen flies. I am almost a fly tying robot totally out of control!!


I love tying because it gives me a lot of pride in creating and experimenting, but I really enjoy when I hear that a fly I tied helped another angler catch a trout. I also like to teach people how to tie flies and create patterns of their own or make adaptations of flies that I created. It is important for the fly tier to have online resources to get ideas and tips.Here is a link to one of my favorites


Enjoy this site as there are lots of experimental patterns here.


until next time