March is here!

I am so excited because March is here and this is the time that I think of fly fishing again and those huge honking Brown Trout that I catch on the Bow River south of the city. Fishing is extremely simple, I nymph with only 5 or 6 flies: The Evil Weevil (of course!), Red Devil, BWO Killer, Acetate Worm, Neo-Twenty Incher, and the Stoned Prince. I have caught so many huge trout on stones, I wanted to share the Neo-Twenty Incher as it is perhaps my most consistent Brown Trout killer.

Hook: Diiachi 1270 or 1730 sizes 4-10
Thread: Tan or Olive Uni-Thread
Head: Black bead
Weight: lead
Body: Peacock herl or Arizona Dubbing-Natural Peacock
Thorax: Arizona Simi-Seal-Golden Peacock
Wingcase: Thinskin-Mottled Oak
Tail: Brown goose biots
Legs: Female ringneck pheasant