Worms on the brain

It is early-December and I am starting to tie flies for both my commercial clients and for the
big fly fishing show here in Calgary. I have written a lot for Fly Fusion magazine about how
my Acetate Anchor Worm is the key to my nymphing system as it gets both flies right on the
bottom where the trout are. The fly shops who I have recently tied for are starting to sing the
praises of this worm as it is heavier than any worm they have carried before.

In the last two weeks I have been spending a couple of hours every night putting lead and
beads on stimulator hooks in sizes 4 through 10. I have now accumulated four small mountains
on my tying table that are waiting to be wrapped in acetate floss and dipped in acetone. If you
do not know how to tie the Acetate Anchor Worm, this is how to tie it

1) Put a gold brass bead or a red glass bead on a stimulator hook in sizes 4 to 10
2) Wrap the hook with lead
3) Wrap the red Acetate floss over the lead
4) Dip in Acetate for 5 seconds and let dry

Let me know how this works for you!